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    Today's world is an ever-changing place. Handling the complex and dynamic nature of terrorism insurance and the associated issues requires a broker who understands not just the global situation, but your specific needs.

    Gallagher Risk Management can help you assess your situation and provide alternatives for facing not only today's risks, but also the future's. Your business is unique, and you deserve a broker that provides more than a cookie-cutter solution. Our current clients cover a wide cross section of industries, including:

    • Public Entities
    • Diocesan and Religious groups
    • Universities
    • Airports
    • Contractors
    • Hotels & Restaurants
    • Infrastructure owners and operators
    • Film & Production Companies
    • Manufacturers
    • Multi-national Corporations
    • Retailers

    With specialists across the world — from New York to California in the U.S., as well as London, South America and Asia — Gallagher stands ready to assemble the right team to meet whatever Risk Management needs you have, and provide:

    • Terrorism and Political Violence Risk solutions
    • Political Risk, Trade Credit and Surety products
    • Access to international insurers and reinsurers
    • A track record of delivering unique and innovative solutions
    • The leverage and relationships to negotiate competitive terms
    • A legacy of high standards and ethical conduct

    Find out more about our full range of Products & Services.

    What is TRIA? 

    Considering TRIA/TRIPRA?
    Already covered by TRIPRA?

    After 9/11, insurers stopped offering terrorism insurance. Fearing that lack of terrorism coverage would impede economic recovery, the U.S. Congress passed the Terrorism and Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) of 2002. This act was extended in 2005, and again in 2007 (TRIPRA).

    This act requires insurers to provide terrorism insurance to commercial holders, in exchange for Government backing of excess losses above certain threshholds.

    Click here to learn more, and compare TRIPRA to commercial alternatives.

    Islamist and non-Islamist Terrorist Plots since 2002


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