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Brian Cooper
Managing Director - Construction
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Shirley Griffith-Bourke, ARM
Managing Director
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Wrap Up 

Wrap-up coverage is additional insurance coverage originally used to mitigate liability risks on public works and commercial construction projects exceeding $100 million in costs. Usually, one entity — either the owner or general contractor — purchases wrap-up insurance for potential claims arising from the work of all or most of the entities involved in the project.

Wrap ups also are used in other industries as a risk management tool when multiple entities are working together on a major, financially risky project. These industries include Entertainment and Manufacturing. For more information on Gallagher's wrap-up products, visit our construction and entertainment practice areas of the site.

Benefits of Wrap Ups 
  • Are project-specific, which ensures that claims against contractors and vendors for work performed is not depleted by claims filed against them for other projects.
  • Guarantees that vendors have the same level of liability coverage.
  • Allows a business to take on a project that might be deemed risky and hard to insure and obtain better coverage at more competitive rates.
  • Extended completion coverage can also be purchased, which may extend liability coverage for all named vendors liability for up to 10 years after project completion or until the Statute of Limitations expires.

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