International Risk Management


      Sherry Gonzalez
    Managing Director
    Gallagher Multinational Client Practice
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      Kathy Petersen
    Communication/Sales Support
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      Karen McDermott
    International Specialist
    Northeast Region
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      Ignacio Manzo
    International Specialist
    Southeast Region
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      Andy Papandreou
    International Specialist
    Midwest Region
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      David Lippincott
    International Specialist
    South Central Region
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      Cheryl Mak
    International Specialist
    Western Region
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    Global Reach, Local Expertise

    These services and products are distributed through the Gallagher Global Alliance of independent brokers and consultants in more than 140 countries.

    Key Differentiators

    International Staff:

    Gallagher’s Multinational Client Practice is dedicated to meeting the needs of U.S.-based multinational clients. Our international specialists average more than 20 years of industry experience and have extensive knowledge on how to identify and manage the foreign risks that confront an organization. From initial consultative discussions through the placement of the insurance program, our international specialists have the know-how and execution experience to ensure a world-class experience.


    International Network:

    • Geographic Coverage – Full brokerage services and risk placement in over 140 countries.
    • Market Leadership – Alliance members are independent firms that have grown to become leaders in their respective markets.
    • Capabilities – Deep experience across all industries and practice areas.
    • Knowledge – Expertise from each local market to avoid potential pitfalls.
    • Service Quality – Client service that meets Gallagher’s high standards in each market.
    • Continued Performance – Regular evaluation of network and service quality.


    Technical Expertise

    We provide technical expertise for multinational clients to develop the most effective risk management strategy and best global programs.

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