LA Contacts 

      Brian Kingman
    Managing Director
    Fax 818.539.1520
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      Konrad Dowling
    Managing Director
    Fax 818.539.1521
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      Shirley Griffith-Bourke, ARM
    Managing Director
    Fax 818.539.1539
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      Diane Pinter
    Managing Director - Business Management
    Fax 818.539.1571
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    London Contacts 
      Kevin O'Shea
    Director - European Operations
    +44 (0).1753 785859
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      Terry O'Neill
    Area Senior Vice President
    +44 (0).1753 785856
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    NY Contacts 
      AliceFay Prine
    Senior Vice President
    Fax 212.994.7021
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    Canada Contacts 
      Susan Wallis, CAIB, CIP, CRM
    Senior Vice President - Canada
    Fax 416.620.1853
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    Gallagher Entertainment, a leader within the entertainment insurance industry, is uniquely positioned in this industry, primarily due to the experience, talent and comprehensive knowledge of the people who comprise it. Our team has a combined total of over 350 years in the entertainment insurance business, and has worked with all of the major film studios as well as independent production companies

    In fact, these individuals and/or the three Gallagher Entertainment consultants have brokered the insurance for 90% of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 Films. The Managing Directors have been involved in and advocated for our clients for many high-profile claims, including those involving Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 production claims, and serious cast losses, involving abandonment of a film or substantial re-shoot costs.

    Our staff represents the best of the business. They understand the needs of the client and are committed to excellence. Every phase of a production, from prep to post, is handled efficiently and proactively. We monitor daily production matters as well as any issues that require specialized attention. Working as a unified team, we can find the best solutions for any situation that arises.

    Personal Lines

    We are a leader in the Personal Lines arena as well, with an emphasis on high-valued and difficult to place insurance coverages worldwide. Through our dedication to product knowledge, we are able to find innovative solutions for our VIP clientele. In conjunction with Personal Lines coverage, we also handle Commercial Lines coverage for Loan-Outs and Shell Corps.

    Gallagher Entertainment is focused on serving our clients, and we continue to find new and innovative solutions in response to the ever-changing entertainment industry.


    Meet Our Power Brokers!

    Konrad Dowling


    In addition, Dave Harman and Brian Kingman were recognized by Risk & Insurance as a Power Broker finalists.

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